Old Sckool Manual

Here is a fun “eBook” prototype I put together way back in November of 2012. I was working with a great group of folks who were getting more and more demands to publish learning content in Gen Y and Millenial friendly formats. At the time, the bulk of their clients still appreciated text and book format learning but more and more were looking for the same experience they felt when using Facebook or checking out ESPN’s website. The problem was the workload. Even as an agile team the demand for text based guides was great and building examples of media rich formats took a back seat.

Between the raindrops I put together small instructional pieces to show my collegues and process partners that if I could squeeze in some training for myself then so could they! The result was this little eBook on various methods to produce several types of multimedia files and learning solutions. One great fact of this was I demonstrated to them that I learnt most of these skills from wacthing exactly what we were looking to built…small, digestible, actionable, media rich vignettes of knowledge.

While it certainly does contain some instruction on how to get some work done, for me the exercise was one in leadership…leading by example, leading by doing, leading by teaching. Rolling up one’s sleeves and pitching in at all levels can motivate and invigorate! Roll up your’s today!

eBook Prototype Cover