The Transformation Of Bill


All my life I have been a big guy.  And by “big” I mean fat. And by “fat” I mean obese.

It has been a lifelong burden that I have struggled with.  I did wear it well.  It never stopped me from doing things I wanted to do, making friends, finding love.  Until recently.

At 46 I have finally decided to invest in myself and transform my body into the one I always wanted.

To do this will take a focus and concentration that I have had the honor of bestowing in others.  I’ve helped others define their dreams and goals, made realistic plans to reach them, and have been there to lend support when life got in the way of those plans. Now it’s time to do that for myself. 

As I focus inward I have decided to remove all of my pictures and posts from the many social media platforms I have stuck my flag in throughout the years.  I have cleared the theater of the audience and will hammer away at my task backstage, alone.

When I come out on the other side I hope to raise the curtain on a new performance that will be the story of the man I always wanted to be.

I know I can do it.

Just you wait and see.