The best gift to give someone this holiday season is…

Dear friends,
It’s December 1st.
2016 was a tough year for so many…some lost loved ones, homes, jobs, and more…and so many are worried about what 2017 will bring.
I have spoken to many who are struggling with the upcoming holiday season. Whether you celebrate religiously or secularly remember what the true meaning of this time of year is about…hope.
You don’t need to feel that happiness comes from things bought. You don’t ever need to feel shame about what you cannot afford. Don’t go into debt buying what can never be priceless. The shiny things fade, the sparkle gets covered with dust, and many things quickly make their way to the dust bin, prisoner to their planned obsolescence.
The pressure is great. We are all bombarded with advertising that is influencing us all. I cringe when I see Black Friday shoppers fight over bigger and louder TVs, smartphones, and tablets that they will stare at and that will just continue that bombardment, securing the cycle of spending more and more.
The best gift you can give anyone is yourself…your time…your ear…your hand…your love.
An Apple iWatch is nice, but homemade cookies are special. A Kindle is neat, but classic novels from a used book store are special. Nerf Guns are cool, but a toy handmade by a local craftsman is special. A new car is impressive, but passing down a treasured family heirloom to the next generation is special.
Please, please, please, think about the upcoming year and budget your spending with the caution that what has happened to so many who had an unfortunate 2016 may happen to you in 2017.
The best gift you can give is you. A happy, relaxed, debt free, secure you.
This holiday season give those you love the gift of you.
(And remember, this is coming from a guy who has made his living as a marketing executive for Wall Street. I know…boo! hiss!)
Happy Holidays and I hope to see YOU all soon.
Big love,