Teeter tottering between brilliance and insanity…

The below transcript is an actual instant messaging conversation between myself and a friend from earlier this morning…

Bill [8:55 AM]:
i’m tired…was up late negotiating web traffic commissions….

Roger [8:56 AM]:
you do way too many things

Bill [8:59 AM]:
trying to get robots to pay for other robots I want…

i am going to somehow cobble together a GoPro, quadcopter and Honda Miimo into something the world will love….

like a hovering blades of death tv show

i think robots that can be socially controlled will make it fun for other people to do your chores….think about it….if you could control a robot to paint a garage in Singapore tell me you wouldn’t spend hours painting some guys garage!

Roger [9:14 AM]:

Bill [9:14 AM]:

Roger [9:14 AM]:
your robot idea

Bill [9:14 AM]:
i mean, think of all these farmville people that were out there….spent BILLIONS on virtual farm equiptment…imagine if they spent that real money on real supplies…America’s farmers would be much better off and our taxes lower!

Roger [9:18 AM]:
farmville…that was an invention.

Bill [9:18 AM]:
i know, right!?