Trying to be more Elfish…

Here’s something fun that happened in 2012 that I figured I’d share.

This past advent season out home was graced with a guest from the North Pole.


Affectionately given the nickname “Elfie” by the children, this little fellow popped up one day to help keep an eye on the situation on the ground for the big man at the Pole. Somehow this slick cat made his way back to parts unknown and slipped back into the house, past the motion detection lights, surveillance cameras, the alarm system and five neighbors dogs…much to my chagrin.

One night while heading out for the evening, my daughter thought it would be kind to leave said elf a note. She left him a few books, along with a question and answer book where he could fill out answers to questions about himself. She even suggested a particular page but offered he could answer any page he’d like. It was her very intelligent way of trying to find an alternative method of communicating with him. She knew that this little guy, which, by the way, you are forbidden to touch lest he be rendered useless apparently, was made of what seemed to be merely cloth and plastic. Being schooled aptly in the scientific method already she began drawing up hypotheses, none of which sat well. Her q&a offer was her way of gathering data. Clearly he moved somehow each evening, but just how remained a mystery. The little guy never flinched one iota no matter how much he was observed.

“Elves are magical beings you know”, I’d offer.

“There isn’t much we know about elves. That’s why you don’t learn about them in school, just like you don’t learn about fairies, or leprechauns or Eskimos. We just don’t know enough for there to be a book written.”

And we all left for the evening.

When we came home hours later we all remembered the book. Lo and behold, what would you know…he filled it out!

But there was one small hitch in the giddy-up…

Being an elf, dude only writes in Elvish…


Thank heavens for the good people at Google! With a little searching we were able to locate an Elvish-English/English-Elvish translator.

And all the elf related mysteries of the ages were answered. He disappeared on Christmas Eve Eve but left us a note. Apparently there was a big elf rave to celebrate a successful year. He returned the next night and the children were thrilled to find him under the tree covered in confetti, glitter and streamers. (I swore I smelled a hint of brandy egg nog.) It was clearly a party he couldn’t miss. The children were treated with an early present for each – new pajamas to wear to sleep and open their presents in the next day.

On Christmas, with the dawn’s early light, he was gone. I suspect he helped the big guy with the presents and hitched a ride with eight tiny reindeer.

He wrote that he hoped to be assigned to us again next year as the children were so very kind.

And I hope so too.

Oh, and by the way, his name is Pepper Minstix.