From sackbuts to pBones…

My daughter is a trombonista.

She chose it…she loves it…she’s good at it.

I bought her a pBone.

It’s a plastic trombone that is featherweight and sounds exactly like the heavy brass one she has that we rented. You know, the expensive one we’re afraid of breaking or losing…the one she has to lug on the bus to and fro school several times a week.

Granted I should have consulted her music teacher first, but what a double win it would be if she could (and actually would want to) use it for regular practice. Its so light and durable she can bring it anywhere. Like this guy…

If anything she could use it to teach the rest of us. When you make learning fun you’re more apt to practice.

If you have a trombonista in your house check it out.