Camouflage rifle? I just don’t see it!

Gun 12

Here’s an easy, fun, sexy project that’s very inexpensive and can help you save money, increase the value of some of your possessions and make your stuff match.  And if you live in the right area you can actually set up a little business out of it.

Step one

Find rifle


Step Two

Remove barrel and action from stock


Step Three – prep workshop (a garbage bag should do)


Step 4

Cut some local foliage with your trusty pocket knife


Step Five

Spray nice base layer of khaki or tan ultra flat spray paint

Step 5a – drink beer and watch NASCAR for 15 minutes


Step 6

Place half to 3/4 of your foliage on top of stock


Step 7

Blast rifle and foliage with olive or green ultra flat spray paint

Step 7a – drink another beer and watch more NASCAR for 15 minutes


Step 8

Cover rifle stock and foliage with rest of foliage…foliage!


Step 9

Blast the whole kit and kaboodle with brown ultra flat spray paint

Step 9a – drink ‘nother beers and watch more NASCAR for another 15 minutes…*hic*…stupid Jimmy Johnson…who does he think he is?!  Dangerous punk.


Step 10

Remove foliage carefully and spray a fine mist of the tan, olive and brown from about a foot away to take off the rough edges…

Step 10a – drink rest of the beers and watch end of NASCAR race…hey!  stop telling me what to do…you’re not the boss of me!  Tellin’ me what to drink and what to watch…why, I ought to…


Step 11

Reassemble rifle


Viola!  Now you have turned your plain, mean, nasty looking black rifle into a trusty sportsman’s friend.  Just don’t drop it in the bush or else you’ll never find it!

You can use any flat spray paint.  Krylon and Rustoleum sell camouflage paint sets for about $7 a can.  What’s cool about this is you can do this on anything that will take paint.  So let’s say you have a garage filled with stuff like red tools boxes, yellow generator, black compressor, blue coolers, etc…you can camo all of them and make a nice matching set that will be uniquely yours!

This is also a great, fun, artistic way to make some money.  I would personally charge between $50 and $100 per gun.  Very cool if you have neighbors who normally spend twice as much to have their rifles wrapped.  And what’s great is you can get them back to them the same day.

Anyone have an old pick up truck or boat they want to try it on?  Let me know, I’d love to help!

Email me pictures of your projects!




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