My God…you’re full of stars…

A friend sent me an email today that simply said “inspire me”.

Here’s what I wrote:

After the big bang all matter was strewn across an enormous space that makes up, for what we can figure out thus far, is the Universe. And after millennia those elements collided with each other in such a way that they created our solar system and our planet Earth. And enough of those elements combined and recombined and shuffled and shifted and morphed into what became life. And part of that life evolved into human beings that have human brains, the most complex structures in the Universe, capable of abstract thought and intellect. And that intellect grew to the point where we seek understanding of the origins of the Universe itself. So essentially, YOU are the Universe looking back upon itself and asking “WTF was that!?!??!”

Think about that.

Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.

Be amazing today.


: D

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