How To Become A Victoria’s Secret Angel

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With the combination of Ed Razek’s leadership as a creative director being so complete and his stable’s goddess-like stature one may be forgiven if they thought that his Victoria’s Secret Angels are found regularly bubbling up from a mountain spring hidden away in the Swiss Alps or emerging from the ocean onto a grotto found on the Brazilian coast.

But frankly there is a much more mundane method in which they are found.   As simple as it may be, it is a sure way to transcend a young woman’s life from the sticks to the stratosphere…they’re called angels for a reason…

While 37 models have earned the coveted “Angel” status, there are currently only 14 Angels.  (You can admire them here via the Victoria’s Secret website)

Before we get started, let’s get one thing straight right off the bat.  What we’re talking about are Angels.  Just how not every one of Disney’s female characters are Disney Princesses, not every Victoria’s Secret model is an Angel.

Ed Razek and Friends
Ed Razek and friends. Ed is as adorable as he is nice. I would be too if I had his gig! (Pic credit: I swiped this pic from the CBS website. I’m assuming credit goes to them.)

How To Become A Victoria’s Secret Angel

The first step is to be aware of some requirements that Victoria’s Secret have for it’s Angels:

  1. New models should be at least 18 but not over 22 years of age.
  2. Be at least 5’7”.  Anything over 5’8” is ideal.  5’9” is perfect.
  3. Be signed with a reputable NY-based modeling agency.  Elite and Ford have provided the most Angels.
  4. Have body measurements as close to a 34-inch bust, a 24-inch waist, and 34-inch hips as possible.

Like anything else in life there are exceptions to the rules but you would have to be a rather spectacular unicorn in some other way to skirt by them.  For example, your face would have to make Adriana Lima look like Keith Richards.  (No offense Keith.) As Victoria’s Secret’s Edward Razek, has stated “Fewer than 100 women in the world have the potential to be a Victoria’s Secret model.” ¹

Adorable Ed
Ed Razek (Pic credit: Ed Razek’s Instagram @ed_razek)

Next, meet Ed Razek.  Ed who?  Okay, so we keep mentioning Ed Razek.  Ed is the President and Chief Marketing Officer, Brand and Creative Services for L Brands, which includes the Victoria’s Secret brand.  Razek is known as one of the fashion industry’s top marketers in the world.  Ed, along with a team of colleagues, runs the casting for the annual VS fashion show.  If you ask Ed what he is looking for he will tell you “Strength, confidence, vitality, beauty, personality, [and] energy. Someone with great spirit and, hopefully, a nice person.” ²

Okay, obviously, but if you ask what elevates a VS model to “Angel” the answer has a surprising not-so-surprising, bottom-line rationale.

“The answer will surprise you–it’s how women respond to them,” says Ed. “We’re interested in appealing to women because women do 99% of the shopping in Victoria’s Secret.” Though Angels have a reputation for being bombshells, Razek says he seeks models women aspire to rather than sex objects men salivate over.  “All of these women would be the best looking girl any guy had ever seen–guys are easy,” Razek chuckles. “Women have to say, I want to look like that, I want to have that spirit or that confidence and strength.” ³

Well, there’s that and signing the Victoria’s Secret Angels Contract.  (Is  being an Angel the gig right for you?  Read The Fashion Law’s “Here is What Goes into a Victoria’s Secret “Angel” Contract”.)

So to wrap this up, in order to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel all you need to do is:

  1. Be physically perfect
  2. Be really nice
  3. Have a track record of already being a supermodel
  4. Have the women of the world admire you
  5. Get Ed Razek to know you exist
  6. Work, work, work!

Easy peasy, right?  I think so.  I mean, I would do it but I’m a guy. 😀

Want to start getting some practice being perfect?  I recommend pasting Elle’s “The 10 Rules to Being a Victoria’s Secret Angel” to your mirror and get to practicing!


tl;dr: be perfect!


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