“I Just Started My Story” by Kevin Corrigan


I wasn’t going to post this…

…but in light of the week’s events I decided to share with my friends. About a month ago I posted that my son came up with a concept for a video to submit for the 2016 Reflections project they do in the schools. The theme was “What Is Your Story?”

My son, Kevin, had been listening to a song “I Started A Joke” from the soundtrack of one of his favorite movies, Suicide Squad. He liked the way it sounded and the build-up from soft and angelic to loud and violent. He would listen to it while playing some first person shooter games on his xBox and liked the juxtaposition of the soft music to massive explosions he is so apt at causing. He imagined using it as an overlay for imagery of things he had done in his life with videos, in slow motion, to how he see’s himself doing what he does and imagining his future dreams and aspirations. And, of course, explosions. 

He selected the music, the pictures, the videos, the timing, the transitions, fonts, colors…everything…he decided to title it “I Just Started My Story”…

I assisted by showing him how to storyboard his idea and how to align what people were seeing with what they were hearing. He had made movies using Apple’s iMovie but it couldn’t do all the effects he wanted so I showed him how to render it in Microsoft’s MovieMaker. He took to it like a fish to water.

This is the final result and his submission.

I was rather impressed with his vision and find this work of his to be emotionally charged and uplifting.

I was a boy once…still am…and it resonated with me. Thought some of you might like it…might remind you of the dreams and aspirations you had as a child and, for some of you, might make you revisit living those dreams…


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