Interesting Facts About Working At A Start-up


You can buy coffee for the whole office and carry it in with one hand.

Hitting “reply all” isn’t a big deal.

You can incapacitate 75% of the office with a single sneeze.

Org charts are just a flat line of five or six names.

You never have to schedule a meeting with your C-suite to explain what department you’re in and what you do at the company.

The notion that there is nothing you can’t do isn’t just something on a poster in the breakroom. It’s in your DNA. And you have to live it every day.

You ask for the marketing plan and you get handed a mirror.

“Where’s the IT Department?” “He went for a jog.”

If your network goes down you just go to The Apple Store and buy a new one during lunch.

You never pay full price for anything.

You learn how to troubleshoot three different types of printer toner cartridges.

“What WiFi are you on?” “Starbucks?” “Cable?” “I use the law firm’s next door…”

You never have to schedule an appointment with the assistant of the head of another department to have a meeting to see if something is “okay”.