Business Analysis 101: What is Required of Requirements?

Business Analyst Bill Headshot

As the business analyst is responsible for the solution requirements, one must ensure a high quality in order to build the best solution possible.  In fact, getting requirements right may be your single most important step toward project success!


Requirements must be –



  • Have all requirements been clearly and correctly documented?
  • Have users participated in the validation of the requirements and confirmed them to be correct?



  • Who suggested the requirement, and what is the rationale?



  • Is each requirement and business rule stated in specific terminology with no ambiguities that can be misinterpreted by developers or testers?



  • Is the total set of requirements and business rules a complete representation of what must be delivered to meet the needs and solution vision?



  • Is each requirement and business rule expressed as briefly and succinctly as possible?



  • Do any conflicts exist between individual requirements or groups of requirements?
  • Do any conflicts exist between requirements and the business strategy?



  • Does each requirement describe a feature of the system that adds value or is required for conformance to an external standard?
  • Does each requirement map back to the business strategy?



  • Have the requirements been validated with the design team to ensure that the resulting features can be built within project scope?
  • Is achieving requirements possible within the expected budget and schedule?



  • Has the relative importance of each requirement been identified?



  • Is each requirement uniquely numbered?
  • Does each requirement map back to the business strategy?



  • Can you envision a method to prove that each requirement in properly implemented in the solution?


Answer these questions and you’ll have an air-tight BRD!