“Hemisphere Dancer” and “Pilar”

I was invited to participate at the 50th ArtFusion Live event at Hemisphere in Bayshore.  A dozen artists painted while diners dined and Mind Open played great Jazz/Rock/Boogaloo/Bossa/Psych/Funk sets.

“Hemisphere Dancer”

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  When it comes to painting I’m an autodidact and am always at a loss for explanation when a classically trained artist asks me about my paints and methods.  One fun example is that I taught myself how to paint horizontally.  That is to say the canvas is flat on a table, parallel with the ground.  This stems from never having a need to buy and easel.  It’s fun, I ponder how in heck they can paint vertically and they ask me how I came up with my style.

As the band plays some fantastically crafted musical artistry of themselves I began painting.  My first work turned out to be yellows and blues.  I named her “Hemisphere Dancer“.  That what Jimmy Buffet named his seaplane…fun…

The second one was one filled with blacks and purples.  I started adding blues and earth tones and wasn’t sure where it was going and it seemed to yell at me “Stop!  I’m done!”  So I stopped.  Who am I to argue!?!!  LOL.

This second one I named “Pilar“.  That is the name that Ernest Hemingway gave to his boat that rests today on a mountain in Cuba.

The whole affair was wonderful and am very grateful for the chance to participate and hope to do so again real soon.


I hope you like.


Bill “Billy Splatts!” Corrigan

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