What Does the Business Analyst Do? Part 3 – Role of the BA vs. Role of the Systems Analyst and Test Manager

Role of the BA vs. Role of the Systems Analyst and Test Manager

On a business analysis project, the role of the BA is different than the role of the systems analyst and the test manager.

The test manager has overall responsibility for solution testing and has direct responsibility for planning, preparing, and validating the master test strategy.  The test manager also performs quality assurance reviews and other quality assurance activities during the testing process to ensure that test plans are followed and are effective.

Systems analysts turn business requirements into specifications for the solution and often perform test planning.  Systems analysts participate in reviews or inspections to verify technical specifications.

Business Analyst

  • Is primarily responsible for the BRD;
  • Elicits, analyzes, and documents requirements; ​
  • Communicates requirements to systems analyst;
  • Remains business-oriented and technology neutral;
  • Helps test manager produce test cases and test scenarios.


Systems Analyst​

  • Is primarily responsible for the technical specification document;
  • Translates requirements into specifications; ​
  • Communicates specifications back to BA for validation against requirements;
  • Relies on technical architect to decide on technology platform;
  • Designs the solution based on the requirements.


Test Manager

  • ​Is primarily responsible for the master test plan;
  • Plans tests of system behavior to ensure compliance with requirements;
  • ​Works with the test team to determine levels and types of testing to validate and verify requirements;
  • ​Ensures compliance with specifications and, ultimately, requirements;
  • ​Creates a test plan with input from the systems analyst and BA.


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