What is Marketing?

Marketing is defined using Kotmer’s famous definition as “Human activity directed at satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process.” The needs of a consumer can also be described as feelings of deprivation, and marketers make consumers aware of these needs that they are being deprived of. Marketers can also influence a consumers wants. A person may need transportation, but marketing makes them want a Mercedes-Benz.

The most important part of Marketing is the exchange process. For an exchange process to occur, five conditions must be met: There must be at least two parties, each party has something that could be of value to the other, each party is capable of communication and delivery, each party is free to accept or reject the offer and each party believes it is desirable to deal with the other party. If all conditions are met then an exchange process can occur. In our fair market system, the exchange process is the desired method.


At AlphaDawn, we help clients understand the exchange process and all of the opportunities that marketing your products and services can provide.  By utilizing our expertise in market research we can help you improve products, improve client satisfaction by smoothing the purchasing process and overall client experience, optimize pricing opportunities, and promoting the benefits of your products and service in the most cost effective manner in all the right places.  We are experts in crafting stories on how those products and services bring happiness to your customers.  Stories that build awareness.  Stories that build trust.  Stories that get heard.  Let us tell a story of your products and services!  Contact us today at truthtoldwell@alphadawn.com


About Bill Corrigan

Bill Corrigan is a marketing industry veteran with over 25 years experience and is the Creative Director and Owner of AlphaDawn.


About AlphaDawn

AlphaDawn is a creative agency that helps its clients build strong brands, win fans, and cultivate world-class client experiences.  With over 25 years of experience and as an industry leader in guerrilla, mystery shopping, social media community management and organizational services, AlphaDawn helps clients drive customer conversations that builds relationships and public affinity.  To learn more, please visit http://www.alphadawn.com

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