What is Developmental Marketing?

Developmental marketing is the marketing process of transforming a latent demand into an actual demand.  This type of marketing is known for having a “social side”, like a charity event for a campaign with a focus on an important social aspect.

Developmental marketing is used in a situation where people “wish” that a product existed and want to buy it, but the product doesn’t exist. If you focused on the social aspect of saving the environment, the product that would be put under Developmental marketing would be a car that is powered by water.  This product does not exist, but for environmentalists who are passionate about this cause, they “wish” it did.

Developmental Marketing

At AlphaDawn, we help clients design and repackage products and services by leveraging experienced certified business analysts, product managers, and project managers.  We will then craft stories on how those products and services will make the public’s wishes come true.  Stories that build anticipation.  Stories that provide a new perspective.  Stories that get heard.  Let us tell a story of how your products and services can make wishes come true!  Contact us today at truthtoldwell@alphadawn.com


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Bill Corrigan is a marketing industry veteran with over 25 years experience and is the Creative Director and Owner of AlphaDawn.


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