What is Demarketing?

Demarketing is also known as “selective marketing”.  This type of marketing is utilized to keep the client experience quality of a product or service high by being selective towards the public. Hand-crafted exotic sports cars are a high quality product because they target a small market willing to pay a premium for that quality.  Conversely, cars for the mass market need to be produced at an accelerated rate and at a price point that the masses can afford.

There are many advantages in using this type of marketing.  Mainly, it is extremely cost effective because it reduces the time and money spent by not having to worry about reaching an audience that may not fit into your original target audience. By using tailored messages, businesses can target their audiences directly, instead of spending unnecessary money on potential audiences. This selectivity will also increase the loyalty of existing customers and keep them coming back.


Do you have a product or service that could benefit from demarketing?   At AlphaDawn we have experience finding the right product/quality mix for niche and micro markets of high net worth individuals that consume luxury brands.  If your production is limited, we can help you maximize revenues by targeting the perfect marketplace willing to pay that premium for your product.

About AlphaDawn

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