What is Stealth Marketing?

Stealth marketing, also known as Buzz marketing, is when a product is being advertised without the consumer knowing. It is very inexpensive when compared to traditional advertising, which is why many companies use this form of marketing.

The main purpose of Stealth marketing is to create interest and excitement that will make the direct advertisement later on much more effective.  It can also be a great way to spread information about the product through word-of-mouth.

Many times this form of marketing is looked at as ethically wrong.  Consumers feel this type of marketing is taking advantage.  This is why, when using Stealth marketing, if consumers find out that you are actually trying to sell them a product, it will then leave a negative attitude associated with your company.

Product placement is the most popular form of stealth marketing.  This is when companies place a product in movies or TV shows and often have endorsement deals with celebrities.  When using product placement, companies will choose the movies or TV shows with the highest ratings for a higher reach.


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