Performance Coaching

Working with a global network of highly creative and successful consultants I can help you eliminate waste and speed your products to market by helping you fine tune your business.  Here are some of the areas we have proven success with:


Athlete Development

  • Athleticism Disciplines    |    Collegiate Orientation    |    Focus Enhancement    |     NCAA Eligibility Prep    |    Olympic Coaching


Business Development

  • Business Analysis    |    Business Plan Development    |    Business Requirement Documenting Training    |    Customer Requirement Training    |    Value Statement Crafting


Global Cultural Coaching

  • Business Protocols    |    Cultural Research    |    International Business Practice Coaching    |    Translation Services


Leadership Development

  • Entrepreneurship    |    Executive Coaching    |    Mission & Vision Development    | Public Image Consulting


Managing Management

  • Management Team Building Exercises    |    Management Training    |    Right-Sizing Your Management Team


Marketing & Market Research

  • Branding    |   Buzz and Viral Marketing    |     Extreme Event Marketing    |    Guerrilla Marketing    |    Marketing Attacks    |   Marketing Plan Development    |     Mystery Shopping Program    |   Panel Services    |     Presentation and Speech Writing Services


Quality Program Implementation

  • Agile Training    |    Kaizen Blitz!    |    Root Cause Analysis    |    SCRUM Agile Implementation    |      Six Sigma    |    Total Quality Management (TQM)    |   Voice of the Customer