The Billy Splatts! Studio

I started painting as a creative outlet.

Well, one thing led to another and the artist known as “Billy Splatts!” was born.  I have given away many of my paintings to charities such as the Red Cross, The Rich Cronin Foundation, The Carol Baldwin Foundation, SurfRiders, The Visiting Nurse Centers, and The Riverbed Foundation.  (Sold a lot too!  ; D )

It was an hobby that blessed many by taking on a life of it’s own.


"Gentle Woman"
“Gentle Woman”



Visiting Nurse Service Fundraiser




MySpace Hearts
MySpace Hearts



Diptych for Michael

Michael Rice Small
“His Final Christmas” A Tribute to young Michael Rice



Collaborations with the amazing Bobbe Ann Deluca








“Wynken”, “Bylnken”, and “Nod”



Dante al dente

"Flames Eternal"
“Flames Eternal”


"Flames Internal"
“Flames Internal”



“A Bucket of Prop Wash”




“Holy Water”




Made for Rich Cronin for his Orange Crush Studios.  We miss you Rich!



“Love Rescue Me”   15’x4′ painting




"Bomb Dogs Don't Bark"
“Bomb Dogs Don’t Bark”






"Hemisphere Dancer"
“Hemisphere Dancer”

Art Fusion Event



Digital Works


“Starry Eyed Surprise” at the Vanderbilt Show



Library Gallery Show



Inaugural Massapequa Artist of the Year!!  (They threw me a party!)



Red Cross Red Hot Ball



“French Chef Suicide”
“French Chef Suicide”



“My Side Of the Bed”
“My Side Of the Bed”



"Best Day Ever"
“Best Day Ever”


 Surfriders Foundation Fundraiser



Conan versus Bear
Conan versus Bear



Splatts! at Rich Cronin's Orange Crush Studios
Splatts! at Rich Cronin’s Orange Crush Studios

Fan Submissions!  It’s nice to see that a simple man’s art can touch people!


Why I Miss MySpace So Much



You my friend are awesome =) – Keisha, VA

Hey cutie… just wanna let you know your bulletins were hysterical!! I was really entertained! – Irene, Greece

You are not just–but very freaking hilarious fella And talented ta boot. 🙂 Thanks – Amanda, Fort Wainwright, Alaskan

ow how does this work as ur inspiration….. – Nina, Fort Worth, TX

You rock – Melissa, Massapequa, NY

OMG you were RIGHT! Your Blog DID get me laid! I fell out of a chicken’s ass today.  You rule. – Barbara, Long Island

Very Nice!!! You got skillz!! =) – Valerie, Long Island

one of my favourites – Tina, Los Angeles

your simply fabulous! XOXO – Lara, Long Beach, NY

Love your paintings, Billy is one of my favorite Muses. – Barbara, Levittown, NY

You ROCK! – Jessica, Massapequa, NY

you have always been my friend! – John Harris, Denver, CO

Hey you, May the spirit of your AMAZING heart be your muse…..I can’t wait to see the masterpiece. You are such a special hero. 🙂 – Melissa, Massapequa, NY

Your Kindness Surpasses Your Art – Matthew Sun, Capitol City, NE

Your About me section is cool, your paintings rock – Devon, Reston, VA

Rambunctious – Tiffany, Huntington, NY

Interesting! I enjoy your art a lot!- Holly, Milford, Michigan

You’re a rip man. 🙂  – Jeff, Harvard, MA

You my friend are awesome =) – Kay, Virginia

Your soooo funny. Long time no chat. Been busy. I did want to say the good in you inspires me, I want to be more like Billy when I grow up! – Rae, Anchorage, Alaska

Thank you for always leaving encouraging comments. You’re the best… hope you’re finding lots of creative inspiration!!  – Jamesson, Orlando, FL

We can’t wait to see the masterpiece. You’re a great man Billy! You are truly a world hero.  Thank you for being a friend of this Foundation and for your continued generosity.  People like you make things like “hope” possible.  – Rich Cronin Hope Foundation, Boston, MA

lovin The Splatts! – Chris, Mar Vista, CA

Your a sweetheart.. – Baby, Levittown, NY

Intriguing – Rachel, Barry, Wales

Freak! – Melissa, East Meadow, NY

Tx a lot for yr beautiful painting, I love it !! – SUZ, Roma, Italia

You’re awsome! – Rich Ogawa, New York, NY

Your artwork is amazing!! – Amanda, Grove City, PA

Dig your Abstract Expressionist style. Hope to see a show sometime. – Michael, Alabama

HEY Man thanks for the Support I dig the art! – Huesif LAX, Osseo, MN

your art work is amazing! I especially love the profile picture of the chalk outline in progress. – Tiffani, Tally-ho, FL

Hey Billy, just wanted to say Hi! And tell you I think your work is HOT HOT HOT!!!! – Lori, Levittown, NY

Billy, you are so awesome! – Audrey, California

Thanks for the BEAuTIFUL art work!!!! – JStar, Myrtle BEach, SC

Thanks for the paintings. Keep uo the great work you do as an astist. – Tevamaikahiki, Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii, Hawaii

Hey Billy u sure are a funny one… – Eliza Neals, Manhattan, NY

your art is amazing! i LOVE it. – The Poisoned Apple – Los Angeles, CA

That made my day, especially coming from someone with so much artistic talent!!!  – Judi – New York, NY

you are too sweet!! i love “Golgotha Nightmares” 🙂 – Belle, New York

Your soooo funny. I did want to say the good in you inspires me, I want to be more like Billy when I grow up! – Rae, Alaska

“I have experienced, first hand, the wonderful slap in the face of your art. It grabs me by the shoulders, gives me a good shake, then wraps it’s arms around me and whispers in my ear.” THAT is what that painting does to me. ~Barb, Oceanside

Hi there Mr. Splatts!  Sometimes I just have to check in to say, thanks for being you.  And remind you that you inspire me. – Norma Rae, Fairbanks, AK

Your a sweetheart..<3  – Baby, Long Island

Billy, you are so awesome! Thanks for thinking of me and everyone elses lives that you have touched! – Audrey, California

You are truly a world hero.  Thank you for being a friend of this Foundation and for your continued generosity.  People like you make things like “hope” possible. – Melissa, Massapequa Park, LI

You rock my world – Kiesha, LA

i love it when you’re in such a great mood! – Christopher, San Fransisco

You are very kind – Bella, Italy

Tx a lot for yr beautiful painting, I love it !! – Suz, Rome, Italy

thank you for always making me smile a little bigger. 🙂  – Tina, LA

Your artwork is amazing!! – Amanda, Grove City, PA

I like your work very much…. Especially Golghata Nightmare….Keep up the good work.. – Heidi, Edmonton, CA

You rock!!  – Ashley, Crawfordsville, Indiana

Your the total package! – Nellie, AL

zup i like ur work – Skritla, Iceland

love your art, lkg forward to seeing more. peace. – chris, New York, NY

I love your art! – Ashley, Baldwin, NY

I love you! – Armonda, Macomb, Michigan

Thanks for the BEATIFUL art work!!!! – JStar, Temple Hills, Maryland

omg i’m loving the painting with the hearts!  – Red, Fortwainwright, Alaska

And I like that picture with the hearts 🙂  – Judi, New York, NY

Keep up the great work you do as an artist. – Tev, Hawaii

You Have Great Groupies…And I Know Groupies – Matthew Sun, Capitol City, NE

Billy’s my idol!!!!!! Love you! – Audrey, Califronia

Keep up the good work – Michelle, Richmond, VA

It does my heart good to know that you are still painting…thanks for the inspiration! – GTRWitch, Long Island

Love your work, man… – Charla, Morrison, CO

I like your style and the way you paint .Your page is interesting—i like the ‘ HOLY WATER’ painting – Ute, Hanover, Germany

Rock on Billy! …Paint the World!  -Jeremy L. Johnson, LA, CA

Congrats! I love this last piece! – Deb, FLA

Thank you so much Billy for the pretty Hearts!!  I love those!!!  One day…I will have all of your artwork….IN THE WORLD!!!  *insert maniacal, haunting laugh* – Tiffany, MiamiI

enjoy looking at your paintings. They’re so energetic!! – Sue, Hampton, Iowa

You’re great!!! 🙂 – Ashley, Texas

How fabulous to meet you and Laura last night!!! Thank you for being so gracious, and thank you more for the most beautiful and inspiring painting! I adore it, truly. It’s even better than I thought it would be. Thank you again….you ROCK Mr. Splatts!!! XOXOXO ~Barb, Long Island

Billy, Thanks for your words of encouragement. I draw energy from them. You enriche my soul with your friendship. – Duane, Texas

i like your sense of humor… – Alyse, St. Paul, MN

Your painting “My Side Of The Bed” is awesome – I love the colour x – Rachel, Bary, Wales

i would love to be splatted upon. – Jill, DeKalb, IL

OMG! you are sooo Freck’n Awesome! – Phyrefly, Myrtle Beach, SC

Thanks Billy! I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done to support me and my foundation.Your an amazing talent and person! Thanks again! –  Rich Cronin, Massachusetts

Hi Billy, It’s always good to make new friends especially ones that have the outgoing personality that you do – Jeanina, Levittown, NY

your artwork is nice, and i like that you donated some of it. you rock too. – Sugaree Designes, Copaigue, LI

Hello are gifted..i like all your paintings..take care always and also your wife..kisses and hugs – Lang, Phillipines

you are THE MAN!! – Armonda, Marquette, Michigan

you are a sweetheart! – Leah, Cleveland, OH

I love a man who can tie 2 cherry stems with his tongue…wait, what? – ~~A~~, California

You are an immeasurable asset to modern lingo as we know it. Podsquatting. Genius. – Melissa, Long Island

You are sooo werid!!! and yet….so fucking awesome!! Keep on Rock’n man!  – Jessica, Jamaica

I am ever inspired by your go-power, Billy – Phelyx the magician

Congratulations on being on “Overheard in New York!” – Judi, New York

your work is really incrdiable i love it. – Carey, New Zealand

You have exuberance, wit and a child’s spirit! – Julie, New York, NY

Billy, you can be my flying monkey anytime…:) – Sandy, New Jersey

Just looking over your painting…you are awesome. Love them all, but for some reason Calvary has always stuck out to me. Go figure. Just keep painting…you ROCK!!! – Paula, AZ


If I had a dollar for every time you made me feel good about myself, I’d be a wealthy woman but I’d spend it all on a yacht for you to sail on… – Julie, CT

Oh my god…i love you and your questions!!! You are my hero baby!! Keep up the good work!! – Steph, Lindy, NY

I’m a Billy! fan!!! I’m a Billy! fan!!! – Lisa, Merrick, NY

you’re a handsome, hot warrior with blue eyes. sweet!! xo – Belle, New Jersey

You really are too cute and SUPER Sweet hehe – Suzie-Q, Bethpage, NY

i don’t think there is anyone as awesome as you!! xoxo – Sandra, Long Island

I find myself intrigued by your “expressions”. Very captivating and you appear to be quite charming. So glad to partake and thanks for the lovely sentiments in my direction. You’ve really got something unique. I mean when I look at some of these paintings, the thing that really strikes me is the energy of creation and the intent… – Drawn2U, APTOS, CA

I am so curious about the dimensions and medium you use for the paintings…. Abha Dawesar, New York, NY

hey billy, the paintings are really amazing, ur fabulous – Ginger, Taiwan

Love your paintings!! – Cat, Murcia, Spain

Instead of “what would Jesus do?”, I often find myself asking myself, “What would Billy Splatts do?”.  For reals! – Erika, Novato, CA

your awesome! – Jesse Tore, New York, NY

I’ve been sitting here reading your blog and you’ve made me laugh and cry. – Heidi, Marshall, IL

I admire your works – Carlowe, Norway

Luv your artwork – April, Dover, DE