The Billy Splatts! Studio

I started painting as a creative outlet.

Well, one thing led to another and the artist known as “Billy Splatts!” was born.  I have given away many of my paintings to charities such as the Red Cross, The Rich Cronin Foundation, The Carol Baldwin Foundation, SurfRiders, The Visiting Nurse Centers, and The Riverbed Foundation.

It was an hobby that blessed many by taking on a life of it’s own.

(You can find Billy Splatts! on Tumblr because that’s where he belongs!)



From "Love Rescues Me"
From “Love Rescues Me”


ArtFusion Live 12

Visiting Nurse Services Gala Ball (12)

Vanderbilt Planetarium - Starry Eyed Surprise (18)

Surfrider Foundation (25)


Red Cross Red Hot Ball (30)

Artist Of The Month Article

Holy Water Fundraiser 2

Holy Water Creation 9F

MySpace Hearts

Michael Rice Small