Blonde Defense League

Blonde Defense League

The “Blonde Defense League” was a viral research tool that we had employed to help capture the proliferation of information in medium to small regional organizations – some of which were specifically targeted by their firm’s own management. Basically owners of several firms wanted to know just how involved their employees were with regards to viral communications and if they followed internal communications and public relations protocols.

We used very strong language with iron fisted ‘cease and desist’ stance that ‘this behavior must end today or suffer the consequences’. We leveraged several proprietary and freeware tools that allowed us to disseminate and capture the flow of information.

The Twist
We had a website that had several articles about how blondes are portrayed negatively. We took to task several beauty aid manufacturers such as Clairol and others who used the term “Dumb Blonde”. We stocked the site with letters to them demanding they stop.

The project was a success in that we were able to record what out clients wanted.

There was another concomitant result. Several companies who used the expression “Dumb Blonde” had agreed to stop using it based on the large scale, grass roots efforts by the blogosphere community that happened to stumble across our test sites.

Go figure!