Juliana Wetmore

Challenge: How do you maximize the fund raising efforts of a family that has a child that requires an economically staggering amount of medical treatments. As thousands of generous people gave their love support and dollars, we worked with those who provided the services that those funds were being raised for.

I saw a news story about Juliana Wetmore around November of 2004 and I just had to do something. I did a little research and discovered how I could help in a way to make a direct impact…

Juliana Wetmore is a little girl who lives in Jacksonville, Florida. Juliana was born with a severe case of Treacher-Collins Syndrome. Juliana was born missing about 40% of the bones in her face. Needless to say Juliana will need to have many medical procedures to reconstruct her facial structure.

As you can imagine Juliana’s unique situation has created a huge financial need for her family. As Juliana’s case hit the media and now has worldwide attention there has been an outpouring of support for the family. Her parents, Thomas and Tamara Wetmore are diligently and selflessly preparing Juliana’s successful future. Although Juliana is not yet three years old they are already seeking to secure Juliana a college education. Admirable goals for the parents of any toddler.

Juliana has to have her operations performed at Miami’s Children’s Hospital. The cost of transporting from Jacksonville to Miami and for Thomas and Tamara and family to stay in Miami while Juliana recuperates is an expense that is not cheap nor covered by insurance.

The focus and scope of our efforts for the Wetmores is to secure room and board while they are in Miami. To date we have received assurances from the Hilton Group that the Wetmores can stay in any of their affiliate hotels during all of their future visits!!

If you are interested in helping the Wetmore family, a savings account is set up for donations at the Vystar Credit Union in Middleburg, Florida.

Donations can be made at ANY Vystar Credit Union to Juliana Wetmore at member number 2102465.

Donations can be accepted by mail or by wire transfer.

The mailing address is:
Vystar Credit Union
PO Box 45085
Jacksonville, FL 32232

The wire routing number is: