Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Volunteering

My experience as a volunteer at MSKCC motivated me to let others know how they can lend a hand.

A great way to help others in need of comfort.

There are many great volunteer opportunities at MSKCC. One opportunity is to volunteer in the patient recreation department. The goal of the patient recreation department is to provide a therapeutic recreation program which orients patients toward health and normalcy during and after their hospital stay. The department also promotes individual expression through crafts and activities. And finally, the department provides an environment for interaction among patients, their visitors, recreation therapists and volunteers.

One assignment of the department is called “Welcome Flowers”. As a welcome flower volunteer, you provide a welcome flower to each newly admitted patient. Welcome flower volunteers are often the newly admitted patient’s first non-clinical contact. The volunteer is a goodwill ambassador from the hospital and the Recreation Department, extending a greeting to patients who are experiencing the emotional difficulties of being admitted into a cancer hospital. You will also inform adult patients and their visitors about non-clinical programs and services of the hospital, giving a special emphasis to the recreation program and visiting volunteers. You will also assess patients’ non-clinical/social needs and communicate those needs to the recreation therapist. You will also respond to the psycho-social needs of patients and their families.

For more information or to sign up, please visit the MSKCC Volunteer website.