Welcome to the temporary home of the North Massapequa Chamber of Commerce!

The businesses and professionals of North Massapequa face unique opportunities and challenges that can be realized and conquered with the right mix of support and effort.

The mission of the North Massapequa Chamber of Commerce is to help facilitate the coming together of the businesses, professionals, and civic leaders of North Massapequa and amplify their efforts in solving problems and reaping opportunities.

The chamber is in it’s formation stage right now.  There has been interest by future members in forming committees on:

  1. Finance, Taxation, and Insurance
  2. Labor Force On-boarding
  3. Community Development and Beautification
  4. Promotion, Media, and Press Relations

We welcome anyone interested in participating by sending an email to nmcoc@billcorrigan.com.  Please include your name and contact information and what your interests, concerns, and suggestions are.

You can also send us a note at our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/northmassapequachamberofcommerce/